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PureAire can lower the risk of airborne viruses – including COVID-19 – from being transmitted and spread throughout your hospital or healthcare environment. Protect your patients – reassure your staff members.

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Safeguard your people

Improve Air

Reduce particulates in the air to improve health of your staff & patients

Peace Of Mind

Our range of PureAire solutions have been proven, tested and certified by leading air hygiene institutes for use within healthcare environments. 


We aim to make a measured difference to the air you breathe. Enquire with us today to find out more about PureAire and find your perfect solution.

Reduce Infections

Removes virus's from the air, including particulates smaller than Covid-19 and Noravirus

Our PureAire Air Purification Units:

Any hospital or healthcare environment needs to take a sensitive approach to the needs of their patients or residents. We understand this.

As we continue to battle Coronavirus and other harmful, airborne bacteria, the world has realised clean air has never been more important. Patients, residents, staff members and visitors all need protecting against harmful particles and pollutants within the air. 

Protecting Vulnerable People

Our air hygiene solutions ensure your most vulnerable people; from newborn babies to those in need of end-of-life care; can breathe clean, safe air.

Designed With Healthcare In Mind

All hospital and healthcare environments require thorough cleaning and sanitising every day, often multiple times a day.

Many cleaning products release harmful VOC gases into the air, which are sometimes associated with a range of adverse health effects including asthma, risk of cancer, dizziness and more. 

Safety & Privacy

Healthcare environments are required to create clean and comfortable environments for their patients, residents and staff members.

Read What NHS Hull Say About Their PureAire

Everyone is very appreciative of the work PureAire have done to protect our staff and patients in the Emergency Department. The units will be a very valuable resource working in the background, to keep the air we breathe as clean and COVID-19 free as possible.

Director of Operations at NHS Hull

The 9 PureAire solutions installed produced instant results. Airborne pathogens were 99.5% lower with PureAire, despite patient count being 9% higher. The addition of PureAire system’s increased localised airflow and dispersal of particles, creating a safer environment.

Providing Peace of Mind

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