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Protect Your People

Proven To Dramatically Reduce Particulates

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PureAire can lower the risk of airborne viruses – including COVID-19 – from being transmitted and spread throughout your hospital or healthcare environment

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Eliminates down to 0.10microns - COVID-19 = 0.126microns

Little Maintenance

Very little to zero maintenance - No filters to replaces or bulbs like competitors


Have all certifications and accreditation of all major worldwide leading air hygiene institutes


Staff & customers feel less anxious in the workplace

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Our air hygiene solutions ensure your most vulnerable people; from newborn babies to those in need of end-of-life care; can breathe clean, safe air.


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Protect Your People

Protect Your People

Director of Operations at NHS Hull: “Everyone is very appreciative of the work PureAire have done to protect our staff and patients in the Emergency Department. The units will be a very valuable resource working in the background, to keep the air we breathe as clean and COVID-19 free as possible.”