About Evergen Air & Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Any project begins with an initial consultation with one of our team.  Our specialist will talk to you about your situation and your requirement, working with you to find the correct solution. We also provide a virtual site review, which can be carried out at a time convenient to you and is done remotely. This service is complimentary, and allows us to understand in greater detail, what Evergen Air solution you will need.

If we need to do a full site review, which is often the case in larger properties, we will keep you informed of any potential cost and keep disruption to a minimum.

These inspections are carried out not only with Evergen Air technicians, but with highly trained experts in their field such as Ms Alyson Prince. Alyson is known as a modern day ‘Unicorn’ as she is the only Built Environment Infection Control Nurse within the NHS Healthcare system. Not only does she have a background in Engineering but is a fully qualified clinician and now works offering specialist infection control knowledge to the built environment. Alyson oversees infection control risk assessments, looking closely at ventilation, water hygiene and building layout, contributing to all stages of a project from concept design to delivery and planning. In addition Alyson, together with her business partner, Evergen advisor Clinical Program Director Josie Winters, also offers guidance on retrofit projects too. See www.advancedclinicalsolution.co.uk

For the larger projects where an in-depth review like this is necessary, we will assess your environment, monitoring the air to understand what contaminants you are exposed to and in what quantities. This will allow ­us to effectively scope a detailed proposal.