Evergen Air Solutions - In Car

At the heart of all things Evergen, lies the unwavering mission to bring new and innovative sustainability technologies to market. Technologies that reduce our carbon emissions, clean our air, and give us a healthier space to live and to work within the built environment.

If you find yourself confined to a small space, or travel a lot in your car, Evergen Cabin could be for you. This off-the-shelf immediate plug-and-play technology quickly gets to work destroying the rapid build-up of organisms that occur in small spaces.  Our smallest purification hub is ideal for a cabin air cleanse in a passenger car, for instance. Similarly, monorail carriages, cable cars, lifts and amusements – all small areas can be cleansed with Evergen Cabin.  

Scaled to Suit Your Environment

Our air purification technology has been developed so it can be scaled to suit your environment. In smaller spaces contaminants build up in the air at a faster rate often with nowhere for them to go. Viruses, mould, and bacteria, together with volatile organic compounds (VOC) and gasses can put the body under stress when inhaled and in some cases prove acutely detrimental to health.   

Disarming pathogens of the Tiniest Size

For businesses that operate within confined spaces, with small offices, cosy restaurants, dentist surgeries even, our medical-grade portable technology can protect your business, and your livelihood. The Evergen Air technology kills particulate matter down to PM1. No other air purifiers cleanse to this level. COVID-19 particles are PM1.26 which means that Evergen Air captures this viral load too and disarms it.  

Low maintenance, low energy use and quiet when running means the Evergen Air solutions work for you. They are convenient, have a low on-going cost, and a long lifespan. They are built to last.   

Giving your Customers Peace Of Mind

With Evergen Air you can give your customers peace of mind, that they too are protected when they visit you, looking after your community and workplace has never been so important.  

Protecting your staff, and your business

The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2018 estimated there were 3.8 million deaths as a result of poor indoor air pollution and the UK Confederation of British Industry (CBI) estimates £600 million is lost annually in the UK as a direct result of 3 million sick days caused by the impurity of indoor air.


Can you afford to not clean your air?