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At the heart of all things Evergen, lies the unwavering mission to bring new and innovative sustainability technologies to market. Technologies that reduce our carbon emissions, clean our air, and give us a healthier space to live and to work within the built environment.

Air contamination is as bad today as ever.  Low indoor air quality (IAQ) caused by poorly maintained air conditioning, crowded workspaces, poor ventilation, dust, mould and bacteria, as well as subsequent contaminant particles from respiratory debris all contribute to sick building syndrome (SBS), reduced productivity, high absenteeism and costs companies £££s every year.  

Now, Evergen Air brings IAQ solutions for ultimate air decontamination. Accredited to ISO 16890 and certified by leading global institutions and laboratories, such as BSRIA, the ILH in Berlin, CETIAT, IRAM and the NPL, property developers, construction firms and maintenance companies can rest assured that Evergen Air can both reduce infection and prevent the spread of disease from air contaminants with proven hospital-grade technology.

Typically, contaminant AGP and viruses, mould and bacteria particles fall between 0.1 – 1µm in size with an average of 0.126µm. Unlike other providers Evergen Air never uses HEPA filters to trap these particles, as the contaminants can still escape or regrow.  Instead, Evergen Air uses electrostatic precipitators which destroys particulate matter down to as small as PM1/ 0.1µm.

Importantly, Evergen Air technology is effective in mitigating COVID-19 particles and is a vital component in reducing the spread of this disease. Protecting staff and customers from contaminated infected air is vital.

Evergen Air can provide a number of solutions from portable ventilation of varying sizes to a full purification technology install either into new builds or retrofits into integral AHUs, HVAC and centralised ventilation systems. For any owner or building tenant protecting staff from exposure is just as important as protecting customers. Having staff away on sick leave means more pressure on both existing manpower and financial resource.

Evergen Air technology can save lives, livelihoods and is an important part of any infection control delivered by a modern-day organisation.

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