Advanced Air Cleaning Systems

Here, at Evergen Air we design, develop and manufacture industry-leading professional air-cleaning technology for all industry sectors, public and commercial, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

We use a unique and patented design. The Evergen Air medical-grade technology is powered by a duo of high density electro-static precipitators with enhanced anti-bacterial capability, meaning airborne contaminants are neutralised on contact, and air hygiene is restored once more. 

Achieve Clean Air

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We Care about Air

At Evergen Air we care about the air you breathe, the air we all breathe.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 7 million premature deaths are attributed annually to the effects of ambient and household air pollution. Toxic contaminants, as well as harmful viral loads, all unseen to the naked eye, can be inhaled deeply not only to cause eventual respiratory distress, but that make their way into the bloodstream. At Evergen Air we develop technology that disinfects the air around us, by disarming air pollutants to ultimately protect our health and well-being.

We Never Use HEPA Filters

The Evergen Air system negates the need for HEPA filters. HEPA Filters have the potential to be damaging. They trap, rather than kill toxic load, meaning that there is a potential for virus and pathogen regrowth and also, of more concern that they escape. If you are using filters, they will also need replacing. Often poor air returns as filters have become clogged and ineffective if not changed re. Plus, filters only have the ability to trap particles at PM 0.3 size. Evergen air captures particles down to PM 0.1

Do you know what’s in your Air?

Our consultancy service means we can monitor and assess the pollutants around you. With our findings verified by independent third-party analysis from partners such as EarthSense and Advanced Clinical Solutions Ltd, we determine the toxic level in your air and size your purification requirement to fit CIBSE standards, in line with the government’s 2019 Clean Air directive. 

Kills Viruses
Kills Bacteria
Removes Spores
Removes Pollution
Removes Toxins
Removes Gasses
Safe To Use
Removes Odours
Removes Pollen

Achieve Clean Air

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Evergen Air
Removes 99.5% of all air pollutants

Airborne contaminants such as pollen, fine dust, mould, bacteria, spores, and tobacco smoke which are inhaled deep into the lungs and are a major contributor and cause of respiratory disease, are deactivated by Evergen’s Active electro-static cleaners.

‘‘The results are very exciting as the air purifiers significantly increase airflow & show marked reductions in pathogen and virus size molecules in critical areas.’’

Chris Garner, Director of Operations, Hull University Teaching Hospitals

*The NHS Trust does not endorse commercial products

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