Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Starts With A Consultation

Any project begins with an initial consultation with one of our team.  Our specialist will talk to you about your situation and your requirement, working with you to find the correct solution. We also provide a virtual site review, which can be carried out at a time convenient to you and is done remotely. This service is complimentary, and allows us to understand in greater detail, what Evergen Air solution you will need.

If we need to do a full site review, which is often the case in larger properties, we will keep you informed of any potential cost and keep disruption to a minimum.

Outdoor Area and Assessment

Cleaning the air outdoors is no small feat, so we firstly need to understand the geography around you and the issues you face when it comes to pollution. For this we conduct a full site survey and assessment. We assess the air and have our findings independently verified for your own peace of mind. We work with a unique team of professionals including recognised experts in their field when it comes to infection prevention and control. Their input is second-to-none and they can be on hand to advise your own health and safety representatives if this is needed.

Then we set about how to help you offering solutions that work for you. Cleaning the air has never been so possible and with our technology you will be thrilled with the results and the knowledge you can finally breathe clean air.  

Have you heard of CityTree?

CityTree is the new innovative eco-friendly way to tackle inner city pollution. It is the World’s first ever bio-tech air pollution filter, utilising moss to remove air pollution. Lacking roots, mosses draw in nutrients from the air, and with airborne pollution prevalent all around us, it is this contamination that gets removed. Mosses literally suck the carbon from the air, and other particulate matter too, effectively cleaning the air around us. The CityTree has been manufactured using smart IoT technology and with a filter efficiency of up to an 80% filtration rate of fine dust and up to a 53% filtration rate at 3meters. For inner cities the Evergen Air CityTree is a positive statement of consideration to health and wellbeing that is actively making a marked difference.

The CityTree has been installed already around the UK, with The Crown Estate installing the Evergen Air CityTree in & around Westminster, with a most recent installation at Hampstead Hill School.

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Install A Clean Air Zone For Your City

Evergen Air can clean your air. We have proven a 60% reduction of harmful pollutants at 30m. This includes reduction of particulate matter PM1, PM2.5, PM10, NO₂ & O3.