What does the latest lift in lockdown restrictions mean for indoor air quality?


If you find yourself confined to a small space, or travel a lot in your car, Evergen Cabin could be for you. This off-the-shelf immediate plug-and-play technology quickly gets to work destroying the rapid build-up of organisms that occur in small spaces. Our smallest purification hub is ideal for a cabin air cleanse in a passenger car, for instance. Similarly, monorail carriages, cable cars, lifts and amusements – all small areas can be cleansed with Evergen Cabin.


Cleaning the air outdoors is no small feat, so we firstly need to understand the geography around you and the issues you face when it comes to pollution. For this we conduct a full site survey and assessment. We assess the air and have our findings independently verified for your own peace of mind. We work with a unique team of professionals including recognised experts in their field when it comes to infection prevention and control. Their input is second-to-none and they can be on hand to advise your own health and safety representatives if this is needed.