Integral Air Purification Systems

Big Organisation, large site?  We have just the solution. 

Our solutions are always the right ones because they are bespoke to you. We recommend the best remedy to your situation and will work collaboratively with you to deliver the result you need. With large sites, such as universities, nightclubs, hospitals, and multi-floor office blocks, for instance, it is more usual for you to have integral ventilation systems.

When it comes to systems like these for new builds we can design our air purification integral to your central ventilation system, including AHUs and HVAC systems. We can work with your architects, project and site managers to ensure that everything runs seamlessly from beginning to end and includes the all-important air purification technology.

In many instances where your building already has a ventilation system installed, that is no problem for us, as we retrofit our technology into it, with limited fuss and limited disruption. We work collaboratively at every stage, your problem is our problem, and we like to remedy that for you, delivering the value and protection we are relied upon to provide. 

This is our area of expertise; there are few problems we have not seen before; we are the air cleaning team you need. Even the NHS have chosen Evergen Air in favour of other suppliers.