MonoLite 510

MONOLITE is suitable for large residential areas, not only to purify the air but also to improve breathing: it’s a byword for air hygiene, well-being and comfort. The MONOLITE series comprises models that can be free standing, mounted on walls and ceilings, or, for more demanding customers, on wheels so that they can be easily moved from one room to another without the need for installation.

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Using Nature System® technology; the most complete and evolved air treatment system of all time. With an incredibly low energy consumption, the purifier is also very economical to run and won’t impact upon your carbon footprint. Not only are we dedicated to improving your surrounding air hygiene and infection control, we’re dedicated to reducing the carbon impact we have on the outside environment

Designed for your ease, the air purifier can be installed on walls or ceilings, free-standing or with a wheel-mount for easy transportation.

The MonoLite 510 is built to last, our systems don’t work with filters which require regular changes. We supply one unit, with an average life expectancy of 20-years – saving you thousands of pounds.

The simple and user-friendly infrared remote control, supplied standard, is used to select one of the three operating speeds at the press of a button.

MonoLite’s sturdy construction paired with high quality materials, create an outstanding performance; unlike any other air purifier.

PureAire technology works with ESP technology, effectively destroying particulate matter. Other systems use technology which simply captures and stores particles. We want them gone, to maximise air quality within a specified time.

Whether you’re looking to buy outright, or breakdown into a low-cost monthly lease available from 2 to 5-years, enquire with us today for a personalised quotation.

Model U.M Monolite 510
1st Speed m3/h 2100
2nd Speed m3/h 3600
3rd Speed m3/h 5100
1st Speed dB 43
2nd Speed dB 47
3rd Speed dB 56
Consumption W 255
Power Input V-Hz 230 – 50/60
Dimensions AxBxC mm 1920x468x303
Dimensions AxBxC mm 468x303x2080 (wheel-mounted)
Weight kg 75
Weight Kg 78 (wheel-mounted)
Cells 3
Installation   ceiling, wall, wheels
Remote Control   yes