Although air quality (both indoor and outdoor) has always been an important subject; it wasn’t until the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020 that people began paying attention.

Poor ventilation in the workplace, confined spaces within healthcare environments and close contact with colleagues all present issues for the on-going health of the population.

Although we have become accustomed to wearing face coverings and practising social distancing measures, it has become clear that the nation would like to return to some form of normality.

How can we do this? By ensuring the air we breathe is clean.

Harmful airborne viruses

Coronavirus is just one of the harmful airborne viruses which can be transmitted throughout the air. From coughing to sneezing, simply talking or breathing heavily while walking; airborne particles are transmitted via people and ventilation systems.

As we begin to head back to the office, millions of people will begin spending time in smaller, more crowded environments. Humans breathe as much as 9000 litres of air, every day; according to the American Lung Association. With new viruses and harmful airborne bacteria being released, the quality of the air we breathe has never been more important.

Air pollution is present throughout all aspects of our daily lives. Particulate matter is released when using cleaning products, cooking or even opening the window. For those living or working in more built-up areas, the latter has become quite a risk. Not only is the air shared within the room we sit; but pollutants from vehicles outside can enter the room.

Keeping the air clean

PureAire technology isn’t new. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, PureAire were providing hospitals, corporate offices and the public sector with state-of-the-art air purifiers.

While most other brands simply provide an air filter to capture airborne particles; what people don’t realise is the air isn’t cleaned. Most filters simply capture the bacteria, where it can then multiply and spread more viciously throughout your indoor environment.

The purification solution from PureAire effectively (and efficiently) captures and destroys all pollutants. Tested to medical-grade standards, PureAire technology is future-proof; we will outperform and outlast all other air filters.

With minimal maintenance and no need for a replacement filter (simply because we don’t use them), you will continue to be protected.

Within all environments, airborne viruses including bacteria, pollen, aerosol generated droplets and volatile organic compounds can be transmitted quickly and regularly. We’re certified by worldwide air hygiene institutes, to successfully reduce particle levels to 0.1µm – 0.26 lower than Coronavirus levels.

To successfully reduce the risk of transmission, we must improve Indoor Air Quality and increase dispersion by improving air flow levels in the room.

Certify air as clean

PureAire solutions are designed for real-life situations. Whatever your environment, we’re here to help. Accredited with ISO 16890 and part of the Sunday Time Fast Track 100 companies, we believe in our products.

Talk with our specialists to arrange a demonstration with our equipment; first testing how clean the air within your working environment really is.

Without testing – how can you be sure of air quality?

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