Big improvements within buildings have been called for, by the worlds leading experts in diseases and air hygiene.

According to the experts, current rules surrounding ventilation are failing to stop infections spreading; including COVID-19.

Evidence surrounding air hygiene levels in crowded indoor spaces has been mounting, and suggests COVID-19 is often transmitted via infectious aerosols. Aerosols which are often used to ‘sanitise’ and ‘clean’ the same indoor environments.

Scientists and engineers alike have said that although Governments have strict regulations on food, sanitation and water safety; there is much less surrounding airborne pathogens. While it is more difficult to identify an airborne source following an outbreak, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

Building designs and regulations

For many years, the prime focus for building designers has been on the design itself; keeping temperatures comfortable and carbon emissions as low as possible.

A recent article in the Journal Science, suggests there is evidence from studies in restaurants, schools and other small indoor environments, that respiratory infections can also be passed through the air.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) features guidelines on safe levels of carbon monoxide and other chemicals, but nothing on bacteria or viruses. Strange, considering the world has been battling with Coronavirus for over 12-months now.

A shift is needed

An article written by the BBC, suggests a ‘paradigm shift’ is needed on a large scale, which will help to clean up British cities. Throughout the 19th century, guidelines were in place to supply water, handle sewage and protect people living within poorer urban environments from poor sanitation.

The BBC suggest an effort on a similar scale is now needed, to clean up the air within our buildings so we can significantly reduce the number of pathogens and, most importantly, improve health.

Air pollution is an invisible danger; with so many people not understanding this, nothing is being done. At PureAire, we often ask – if the air is a shared resource, who is responsible for cleaning it? While this question is still being thought over, people continue to be affected by respiratory diseases.

Many indoor spaces with poor ventilation actually become hotspots for infection, as particles within the air multiply.

Certify air as clean

PureAire solutions are designed for real-life situations. Whatever your environment, we’re here to help. Accredited with ISO 16890 and part of the Sunday Time Fast Track 100 companies, we believe in our solutions.

We aim to provide cleaner air, to all environments.

Talk with our specialists to arrange a demonstration with our equipment; first testing how clean the air within your working environment really is.

Without testing – how can you be sure of air quality?

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