“People must continue to play their part in stopping Coronavirus,” says Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as lockdown restrictions ease in England, Wales and most of Scotland.

Indoor environments including pubs and restaurants can now open again, welcoming limited numbers of people.

The roadmap out of lockdown continues to move forwards, as many indoor environments across England, Wales and most of Scotland reopen for the first time this year. However, the UK Prime Minister has said: “We must proceed with a heavy dose of caution.”

Although so many businesses are rejoicing today, there is still plenty of concern surrounding indoor air quality levels and the new variant of Coronavirus first identified in India continues to spread throughout the UK.

Mass testing has begun roll-out within hotspots in the North West and parts of London.

Lifting the restrictions – what does this mean?

Despite the good news in the latest roll-out of the roadmap, many people are understandably concerned with indoor air quality levels, as Coronavirus levels continue to rise and fall. Sir Jeremy Farrar said to the BBC: “The lifting of the rules was the most difficult policy decision of the last 15-months. It is very, very finely balanced.”

Although many people throughout the UK have now received their vaccinations – some now on their second jab – there could still be an increase of cases and infections over the coming weeks, as a result of the restrictions lifting today, Monday May 17.

A leading UK scientist has stated he will not meet other people indoors for the time being, as there is still so much risk.

Although it appears safe for the time-being to meet indoors, many healthcare officials are worried restrictions may have to be reintroduced if hospital admissions increase as a result.

Indoor air quality – control

It is clear, the UK Government would like people to begin enjoying themselves again and would like to bring hope back to the British economy, but everything must be done with caution.

There are growing tensions between national authorities as the risk of the Indian variant continues to grow; with Boris Johnson now stating the variant might make things ‘more difficult’ ahead of the next step in the roadmap on 21 June.

It goes without saying, many businesses reopening today will be adding more cleaning times to their schedules; however, there is a risk here too. With an influx in people who haven’t been mixing in such close proximities over recent months, and aerosol transmissions from cleaning fluids, people are more open to transmitting harmful airborne viruses.

PureAire urge businesses to consider their level of indoor air quality; with it being a factor which often gets forgotten as air cannot be seen. Introducing an air purification solution will kill 99.5% of all airborne particles, significantly reducing the risk of infection within their environment.

As we are now one step closer to lifting all lockdown restrictions, we want to encourage businesses to take measures to protect their people – and ensure we don’t take a step in the wrong direction.

Our range of ultra-quiet solutions are designed to provide an additional level of infection prevention and control, ensuring all staff members and visitors are safe.

Certify air as clean

PureAire solutions are designed for real-life situations. Whatever your environment, we’re here to help. Accredited with ISO 16890 and part of the Sunday Time Fast Track 100 companies, we believe in our solutions.

We aim to provide cleaner air, to all environments.

Talk with our specialists to arrange a demonstration with our equipment; first testing how clean the air within your working environment really is.

Without testing – how can you be sure of air quality?

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