Clean technology company, Evergen Systems – and PureAire’s parent company – are this month celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Starting out installing renewable energy systems, then moving on to  air purification technologies, Evergen have spent 10-years working towards a more sustainable future for our planet, and have received multiple awards and accolades for their work.  

With a strong commitment to academic science, research and innovative development; there is no wonder why Evergen have become so successful. Founder Director, Sukhbir Sidhu, says: “From the beginning, our mission was to reduce energy consumption and Carbon emissions in the built environment.”

Established in 2011, Evergen Systems began installing solar systems on residential properties and went on to install Solar + battery systems on commercial and public sector buildings. As well as saving their customers £thousands on their annual energy bills they also have a direct impact on cutting CO2 emissions now and for decades to come. With over 22 MW of solar installed this equates to 32,120 tons of Carbon every year.  

In 2016, Evergen began working with world-class universities and technical institutes to find solutions for tackling urban air pollution. A year later the company signed an exclusive agreement with Green City Solution, a Berlin based startup who were developing the world’s first biotech air filter. The innovative CityTree was a self-sustaining structure that used the power of mosses to remove pollution from air. Following a successful collaboration with Westminster City Council and The Crown Estate, Evergen installed the first CityTree at Piccadilly Circus in London.

Cleaning urban air pollution is an immense challenge and Evergen were collaborating to develop a highly efficient technology to clean large volumes of polluted air. After two years of development the company deliberately chose to  test their solution in the most polluted environment on earth – Delhi. The pilot was set up in the heat of New Delhi and after two weeks of testing, the solution was demonstrated to press and politicians. Whilst air pollution in Delhi was between 500-800, it was consistently below 30 at the pilot site. This was the World’s first successful demonstration of cleaning outdoor air at street level and received huge media coverage.

Such achievements over the years have resulted in significant business growth and Evergen being bestowed honors such as  Trusted Services Award and being ranked Number 8 fastest growing private company in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100. Evergen Systems are also one of the few solar installation companies in  the UK who are FCA regulated. FCA approval is a lengthy process involving significant due diligence and demonstrates the integrity of a company and provides another layer of protection for the customers.  

Ricky Singh, Managing Director and son to Sukhbir, said: “As an environmental company was can actually quantify the amount of Carbon savings that are being made through our installations.  While many organisations hope to reduce their Carbon footprint, we’re actually doing it every day”.

“Since 2017, we’ve been investing some 2% of our annual turnover in research and development and this will future proof our business. We want to develop solutions for the environments biggest challenges – such as Carbon emissions and poor air quality.”

Having demonstrated their technology can successfully clean outdoor air pollution, Evergen focused their attention on indoor air. Fact is indoor environments are often far more polluted than outdoors. Whether it’s in our homes, workplaces or leisure, we spend over 80% of our time indoors anyway.  

Before the outbreak of Coronavirus, polluted air was known to be a big contributor to workplace sickness as many buildings have centralised ventilation which actually spread bacteria and viruses. Since the pandemic, air quality has become a critical issue as Covid19 has been classified as an airborne infection. Consequently demand for air filters have grown significantly.

“The problem with traditional air filters is that they are designed to simply trap air particles and these can remain active and even multiply” said Luke Beer, Commercial Director. “The other problem is that as filters trap more particles, they get clogged up and stop working”.

In their endeavour to develop a solution for outdoor air pollution, Evergen’s PureAire system cleans without filters. It uses two high intensity electric fields to capture and immediately destroy 99.5% of airborne pathogens including pollens, bacteria and viruses. A very important feature of PureAire system is its ability to capture extremely small particles down to 100 nano metres. As the average size of Corona virus is 126 nm, this is a great benefit.    

With such a powerful purpose, Evergen have gained the support of some of the worlds leading media outlets including CNBC and the BBC, as well as collaborations with World class Universities and renowned institutions like the National Physical Laboratory. 

Throughout the next ten weeks, Evergen Systems will be celebrating ten of their biggest achievements to date; something for every year.

Looking ahead to the next ten years, Evergen Systems have begun developing an entirely new proposition for generating and selling energy; installing free solar plus battery storage systems on Social Housing properties throughout the UK. When completed, the project will provide 20-25% cheaper energy to 100,000 low-income households and families living in fuel poverty. It will also be reducing 172,000 tons of Carbon emissions every year. 

Certify air as clean

PureAire solutions are designed for real-life situations. Whatever your environment, we’re here to help. Accredited with ISO 16890 and part of the Sunday Time Fast Track 100 companies, we believe in our solutions.

We aim to provide cleaner air, to all environments.

Talk with our specialists to arrange a demonstration with our equipment; first testing how clean the air within your working environment really is.

Without testing – how can you be sure of air quality?

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